Nenu Chesina Sex Aunty Tho

Hi this is chandra name change from hyderabad. Any aunties want have sex with me can contact me at [email protected]

Currently am 28. With built in body and 6 inch dick. Guess which fine with aunties. This is not fake story. Real story happendd with me during my college days.

Everyone thinks that writing the stories for name sake. This is not fantasy story. Ika story lo ki vasthey. This is my real story which happened during my final year degree days.

Maa vadina thana peru sweety. Chaala andham ga vuntundhi thanu antey naaku chaala istham. I love her to the core. Pedha sallu. Pedha ass. Thana paina elanti feelings lekundey. In second year degree summer holidays lo ma sister pelli ayindhi.

Appudu maa intlo place lekuntey thana intlo padukovalsi vachindhi. Naa age appudu 21 years. Fantasy start ayyayi thana paina. Sudden ga naa feelings thana paina start ayyayi. Eppudu time dhorikina thana intiki velley vaanni. Thana ass touch cheesy vaanni wantedly edho mistake touch ayindhi.

Thanani eppudu touch cheyali ani thapinche vaadini. Roju vaalla husband morning velli night vachevaadu. Madhyanam padukunnappudu thana bed room ki velley vaadini. Thana pakkana padukuney vaadini with her permission.

Emi anakapothundey. Oka roju vaallintiki vellanu thanu ledhu appudu. Naaku thana bra kanapadindhi. Adhi thisukuni naa penis tho rudhanu. Kodhi sepu ayima tharuvaatha naa cum andhulo vadilesanu. Akkadi nundi vellipoya. Roju roju ki thana paina feelings peruguthunnayi.

Ila one month continuous ga thana ni vuhinchukuntu kottukuney vaadini. Inka thanaki naa feelings elaina cheppali ani cheppesa dhairyam chesi. Thanu appudu chaala serious ayindhi maa intlo appudu nenu thanaki cheppanu vadhu ani. Akkadi nundi nenu vachesa.

Ah roju evening thana intiki vellanu thanu normal ga maatadindhi. Nenu sorry cheppi front and back nundi hug ichanu. Thanu ee sari reaction ivvaledhu. Nenu cheppa meeru antey naaku chaala istham ani.

Endhuku istham ani adigindhi. Nenu annanu meeru chaala mudhuga bodhuga vuntaru ani. Thanu anthena inka emaina ani adigindhi. Mee ass bavuntundhi. Mee boobs bavuntundhi ani cheppanu. Thanu thank you ani cheppindhi.

Ah roju nundi thanani flirt chesanu baaga. Touch chesanu boobs ni ass ni. Naa dick tho thana ass cleavage ni touch chese vaanni kitchen lo vuntey. Thanu melli melli ga moan chesedhi.

Alaney roju melliga touches romance chese vaadini. Naaku college supplimentary holidays vachayi college ki. Appudu correct time dhorikindhi. Naaku thanatho gadapadaainiki. Idhey correct time anukuni thanaki propose chesi adigaanu. Sex korikalu chasla vasthunnayi ani.

Thanu time cheptha ani andhi. Next day madhyanam rammani andhi. Nenu vellanu thanatho first kodhi sepu maatadanu. Thana pakka na velli kurchuni melliga thana hand ni pattukuni kiss chesanu. Thanu naa bugga paina kiss chesindhi. Nenu melliga kiss cheyadam start chesanu.

First thana neck meedha kiss chesaanu. Tharuvaatha melliga lechamu nenu back nundi hug chesukunna nenu venakali nundi thana boobs touch ayyela pattu kunna. Thana neck meedha kiss chesthuntey thanu melukuvalu thiruguthundi.

Thanani naa vaipu thippukuni nenu gatti ga hug chesukuni propose chesanu. Nenu cheppanu thanaki nenu ee situation and chance gurinchi wait chesthunna ani. Thanu kuda cheppindhi after I started to flirt thanaki naa meedha feelings and fantacies kuda start ayyayi ani cheppindhi.

Nenu nudhita meedha kiss chesa. Kallu buggalu pedhalu lite ga korkanu. Thanu inka gattiga hug chesukundhi. Nenu thana thala pattukuni lip to lip kiss chesanu. Thanaki first time anta thana hubby kiss cheyadu ani cheppindhi. Melliga thana bujam meedha kiss chesthu paita thisaanu.

Meeda kindha kiss chesthu kindha ki vacha. Thanu saree boddu meedhaki kaduthundhi. Saree boddu kindhaki laagi thani pottani kiss chesaanu. Kneel down chesi thana pottanu korikaanu. Paiki lechi thana meda meedha nundi arms kindhaki kiss chesthu thana chanka naakanu.

Thana body odour ki inka mathu perigindhi. Melliga thana hooks thisesi. Thana jacket vippanu. Venakala thana veepu motham lips and tongue tho kiss chesa. Thanu aapukoleka naa vaipu thirigihug chesukundhi. Thanu naa hand pattukuni bed room ki thisukellindhi.

Ac on chesindhi. Inka memu songs on chesukuni maa romamce lo munigam thanu melliaga naa shirt vippesindhi naa meedha ki vachi kiss chesindhi naa chest meedha vunna hair aadukuni naa tits ni koriki cheekindhi.

Inka thanu naa pant and underware thisi naa dick ni thisi kiss chesi thana pedhaalatho enjoy chesi mello thana tongue naa dick meedha vunna. Skin ni kindhaki laagi notlo pettukuni cheekindhi ala oka ten mins cheekindhi. Nenu thana notlo out chesaanu.

Thanu malli naa dhaani kindhaki meedha ki ani malli naa rod ni lepindhi. Inka nenu thana bra hooks vippi thana boobs tgo aadukunna. Ala kodhi sepu vaatini cheeki cheeki kindha ki vachi thana pussy ni touch chesa. Thanu naa touchings muligindhi. Thana pussy dhaggara hair vundi kodhiga.

So naa fingers tho melliga thana pussy ni pamper chesa. Thanu thana pillow ni korukuthundi. Melliga naa tongu tho thana pussy line ni touch chesa at the same time tongue tho naakanu thattukoleka kaarchesindhi. Kodhiga pussy hole lose ayina tharuvaatha naa dick ni thana hole dhurcha kodhiga vellindhi.

Kodhiga gattiga pussy lopaliki push chesa thanu gattiga arichindhi. Melliga strokes ivvadam modalu petta. Thanu oka ten mins ayipoyindhi. Nenu oka 15 mins tharuvaatha thana pussy lo vodilaanu.

Inka nenu lunch chesi thana intlo padukundi poyanu. When I gotup in the evening I left the aunts home. I met her after my dinner and we had nice fore play before we went on to have sex but this time I didnt fuck pussy first. I fucked her ass first and then later pussy.

After that we had sex many time in many angles like 69 position doggy style missionary position. It has continued for so many days till I finished my graduation after that she moved do behind my house lane from beside. I took her to date and fucked at her place when no one was at home. Interested aunties can contact me on above-mentioned id.

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