Neighbour sister Ramya tho secret affair

Hi I am Karthik of age 18. My self height is 5.8 white colour with a long dick. From the nearby village of Ongole.This is the story that happened a few days back. The heroine of the story is Ramya, who lives nearby my house. Her age is 22. She was studying for a degree at that time.

The most attractive part of her body is her boobs. She looks like actress Nitya menon, with short height but a figure to die for. This story started a few months back when I was studying my inter in Vijayawada. I like to use my mobile in my hostel. During the time I am using facebook. I messaged her.

Me: Hi akka.

She: Hi tinnava?

Me: Ha akka nuvvu.

She: Haa em chestunnav?

Me: Kali eh akka nuvvu?

She: Nothing on bed.

I already know that she used to chat with boys without anyone knowing. Except for her brother who is studying She doesn’t know English well. So she used to ask me to chat in English whenever the boys replied in English. Then asks me to not say this to anyone.

Me: Nenu ravacha?? ( I got the courage and asked).

She: Em matladutunnav ra idiot.

Me: Just joking akka.

She : Ok.

Me: Nijam ga vacheda?

She: Arey nuvvu chala ekkuva matladutunnav. Hari ( her brother ) ki chepta andi.

Me: Please akka evariki cheppaku.

There is no reply from her. I went to sleep but I was a little bit tense. Next day again during the night time I messaged her.

Me: Akka evariki cheppa ledu ga ?

She: Hari ki cheppa nuvvu intiki ra ra neeku vundi le.

Me: Please akka cheppaku.

She: Already cheppanu.

I never messaged her from that day. After completion of my inter exams I went home. The next morning I met her brother and talked to him normally. He too talked to me normally. Then I realized that she did not say anything. But I never dared again to talk to her.

One day she came to my house for mom and at that time she talked to me normally as nothing happened. After some days at night she messaged me.

She: Ludo adadam vastava ?

Me: Ha akka.

She: Ok.

We played ludo along with two of her friends. After completion of game. l messaged her.

Me: Hi akka.

She : Hello.

Me: Em chestunnav ?

She: Nothing.

Me: Akka nee phone number ivvava ?

She : Enduku ?

Me: vurike.

She : ×××××××××× evariki ivvaku.

Me : Sare akka.

After a few days of normal chat. One night I messaged her.

Me: Akka nijamga cheddama.

She : Enti ra chesedhi ?

Me : Ade akka appudu message chesa kada.

She : Show cheyaku Hari ki chepta ekkuva chesav ante.

Me : Vaddu le akka.

Next day morning we went to play cricket but I came to home in the middle of game. As I’m not interested in playing . I messaged her from whatsapp.

Me : Hi.

She : Evaru ?

Me : Nenu Karthik ni.

She : Hoo okay.

Me : Em chestunnav?

She : Kali eh you?

Me : Same.

She : kk.

Me : Ekkada vunnav?

She : Intlone enduku?

Me : vurike.

She : Ha kk.

Me: Akka nenu vacheda ?

She : Ekkadiki ?

Me : Mi intiki akka.

She : Enduku ?

Me : vurike.

She : Naku chala pani undi ra andi.

Me : Ok akka.

But I went to her home as l know that there is no one in the house. Her parents went to the fields and her brother is playing cricket. She asked me entra vachav.

Me : vurike vacha akka.

We are talking normally sitting close to each other in between I asked her. That is your opinion. She replied about what. I said it’s about the chat. She said shut up. I sat normally without speaking anything. She is playing ludo in mobile. I kept on staring at her boobs.

She observed me and did nothing. I got a little bit courage and touched her legs with my hand at the time. She is wearing shorts and a t- shirt . First she didn’t respond. I took it as an advantage and gently pressed on her leg. She looked at me seriously.

I got tense. I removed my hand and watched her till the completion of the game. After the completion of the game I asked her akka nijamga cheddama.

She : Entra chesedhi ?

Me : Neeku ardam ayyinde le akka.

She : Entra ?

Me : Nijam cheppu nijam ga ardam kaleda ?

She : Nijam ra enti cheppu ?

Me :  Ade akka a roju night adega ga.

She : Nuvvu chala ekkuva chestunnav ra.

Me : Please akka.

She : Please entra ( navvuthu).

Then I got courage and touched her legs. She did not respond. Later slowly I started rubbing on her legs. She did not stop me from doing that. Then I got full dare and now started pressing her thighs. It seems that she Is also enjoying it well. Then I confirmed that she also wanted to enjoy me and I started.

Rubbing on her belly and slowly I lifted her t shirt a little bit up and rubbed on her bare belly.  I made her stand within no time and I hugged her tightly. She too responded and hugged me back. Then I looked at her with surprise and I tried to place a kiss on her lips.

She pushed me. I asked in full mood emaindi akka. She said go to your home. I again asked what happened. She said nothing. I went near her and again tried to hug her but she moved a little back. I then by holding her arms I grabbed her towards me and pressed her boobs.

From the outside t-shirt and kissed her on lips passionately. Then she said please go home. Someone will come. I too thought that someone would come too. It’s lunch time and I went home. Evening time we looked at each other but never spoke a single word and she smiled looking at me. During night time I messaged her.

Me : Enti indaka navvutunnav ?

She : Podduna chesindi gurtochi.

Me : Em chesam ?

She : Chesindi anta chesi em telinattu em chesav anta.

Me : Inka em cheyaledu nenu.

She : Inka em chestav enti?

Me : Repu chupista le.

She : Repu vaddu ra.

Me : Enduku.

She : Ma amma inti daggare vuntundi.

Me: Sare ayite eppudu mari?

She : Chepta le aagu.

After two days she said that my bro is going to my grandma’s village along with my dad. They return by tomorrow morning and I thought it’s a good time for us. She messaged me around 2:30. That my mom went to the field and she will return by evening within minutes. I reached her home which is two houses away from ours.

First I entered her house and spoke to her normally for 5 minutes. Later I started touching her and this time she closed the doors and came near to me. At that time I was wearing a t -shirt and boxer and she was wearing a punjabi dress. I kissed her passionately for about 5 minutes.

Then I started hugging her tightly and later I started pressing her boobs from outside the dress. She said in a low voice chinna ga ra noppi ga vundi. I removed her top and then removed her bra and kept on pressing her boobs and I started to suck it. She then removed my boxer and started to stroke my cock.

I again kissed her passionately and I removed my t-shirt and asked her to remove her lower part. She did that. We are completely nude now. Within no time I kept on rubbing my cock on her pussy. Then I inserted it slowly into her pussy it’s so hard to enter.

It was a little bit but finally it entered and l kept on moving to and fro slowly. She is moaning very slowly but taking heaving breaths. I started kissing her on her lips while fucking her. After fucking her for some time. I am about to cum. I removed my cock from her pussy and cummed on her boobs.

After that she cleaned my cum with a towel which is on my cock and cleaned the cum on her boobs. We both get dressed at about 4:10 and chat normally by opening doors and watching tv. After some time again I got in the mood and I started kissing her on the lips by hugging her tightly.

I started to press her boobs. I asked her for a blowjob she refused. I pleased her then she said ok but not now will try that when we have much time. I kissed her lastly and went to my home and we kissed and hugged daily. But not having sex we are waiting for the perfect time to enjoy it better than that.

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