Shop Aunty Tho Anubavam Part 1

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Hi readers ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿซ idhi na first katha nijamaina katha so yemi ina mistakes vunte donโ€™t mind meru iche inspiration tho inka stories rasi publish chestthanu denini miru chadivi ela undho thappakunda chepali ani korika frinds please. My details [email protected] only in mails you can contact me for any information

Inka kathaloki velthunanu nenu prathiroju ma friday shop dhagariki velthu vuntanu just time pass kosam. Ala velthu vundaga yedhuruga vunde shop lo oka aunty chusi chudanattu chesthu vuntundhi. Roju nenu lite ga thisukone vadini ala rojulu gadusthu vunai naku doubt vachi nenu chudatam modhalu pettanu. Ippudu nunchi asalu katha modhalu avuthundhi.

Aunty: thanu chinna smiles ivatam start chesindhi alge thana boddu & sanllu chupinchi chupincha nattu act chesthundhi ala 3weeks gadisai.
Me: ila kadhu ani phone thisukoni na gf tho matladinattu valla shop ki velli matladuthunanu thana moham lo kopam chusi venakki vachesthunanu.
Aunty: thanu na name petti yemi vachi velli pothunavu ani adigindhi
Me: yemi ledhu ani annanu
Aunty: sare ni number cheppu naku andhi
Me: dheniki ani adiganu
Aunty: chepte gani ivava andhi
Me: sare le ani number ichanu inka waiting for call valla husband vachi thananu intiki pampadu 30 minutes tharuvatha call vachindhi unknown number sare ani answer chesanu.

Aunty: hello nenu anindhi
Me: nenu ante yevaru annanu aunty: inthaku mundhu number ichavu ga nenu anindhi
Me: sare cheppu yendhuku number thisukunavu
Aunty: pani vundi thisukunanu ani chepindhi me: adhe yemi pani aduguthunanu ga
Aunty: chepthanu gani inthaku mundhu phone lo yevaru

Me: na gf ani chepanu
Aunty: avuna sare le naku yendhuku anindhi
Me: ok bye annanu

Aunty: ventane niku chala yekkuve anindhi.
Me: avunu anni yekkuve naku sare kani nuvu matter cheppu annanu.
Aunty: nuvu nannu yendhuku ala chusthunavu anindhi.
Me: nenu chusthunanu ani niku yela telusu so nuvu nanni chusthunavu and chupisthu vunavu ani melli ga anesa sodhi yendhuku ani.
Aunty: ventane yemi annavu anindhi.

Me: nuvu vinindhi nijame ani annanu, inka thanu guda time waste cheyakunda matter loki vachindhi
Aunty: nuvu ante naku istam na husband tho happy ga lenu naku aaa help chesthava really I love you anindhi.
Me: sare aaa help ante,
Aunty: chudu visikinchaku nuvu free ite intiki ra ani pilichindhi.

Me: sare location pampu annanu, whatโ€™s app lo pampindhi. Just 10minutes lo intiki vellanu nannu chusi full happy๐Ÿ˜Š.
Aunty: ventane sorry intha thoraga vasthavu ani anukoledhu ready kuda kaledhu yemi anukoku antu water ichindhi.
Me: palu isthavu anukunte water isthunave annanu navuthu,
Aunty: only palu chaladhule full meals kuda isthanu sir ki ani kannu kottindhi.
Me: ventane nenu thanani lakoni normal ga kiss chesthunanu thanu chala baga respond avatamchusi lip lock start chesanu, thanu nannu bed room loki thisukoni velli chala kettiga hug ichindhi.

Na vadu lesi disco dance vesthunadu thanu chala kalam nunchi wait cheyatam valla nannu nude cheyatam start chesindhi last ki nadhi chusi,

Aunty: yenti intha pedhadhi yentha bagundhi ani ventane notilo pettukundhi chala baga cheekuthundhi 15 minutes chesi nannu nude chesi dhengu anindhi.
Me: yeppudu aaa mata vintana ani wait chesthunanu aunty ni paiki lepi niku buthulu istama ani adiganu,
Aunty: avunu ani kiss chesthundhi.
Me: nenu thana chiranu laganu gettiga thanu pin pettukovatam valla jacket chinigi poindhi nenu avi yemi pattinchukoledhu,

Aunty: sir agandi ani thane motham vipatam start chesindhi.
Me: inka nenu first thana sallu chisi mathi poyai super ga vunai ventane nalupudu start chesanu chesthu vunna time lo langa kuda thisesindhi.
Inka sallu adumuthu kiss chesthu venakala oka chetho gudha adhumuthunanu, thanu nannu bed medhaki thosi na paiki vachi sallu noti lo petti.

Aunty: adigavu ga thagu antu notiki ichindhi inka notti ninda pettukoni korakatam start chesanu.
Me: inka thana puku chupiya mannanu thanu 69 position lo vachindhi.
Aunty: na puku intha varaku na mogudu kuda naka ledhu sachinodiki istam ledhu anta andhuke na puku niku isthuna enjoy chei antu notiki dhagara pettindhi.
Me: abba yentha baga vundhe ni puku antu gollini nakatam start chesanu thanu na moddani nalikatho icecream ๐Ÿฆ naki nattu nakuthundhi nenu thatyukoleka thana golli ni mundhari pallutho oka click ichanu,

Aunty: hmmm abba yemi chesthunavu ra plz nenu ni modani yela notitho chesthano alane nuvu na pukuni chei anindhi.
Me: sare deal ok anannu, ventane thana nalikanu na modda chinna bokkalo petti geluku thundhi.
Me: nenu thana puku lopala petti mundhuku venakki antu dhenguthunanu.
Thanu gampada carchindhi na notilo naku taste cheyatam istam ledhu so motham vunchesi thana paiki vachi na valla kavatam ledhu first ninnu dhengali annanu.

Aunty: sare ra vachi na puku pagala dhengu anindhi.
Me: apatike dhani puku thadisi mudha indhi nenu puku paina na modda petti tease chesthunanu
Aunty: thanu na moddani gettiga pattukoni thana poku bokka lo pettukundhi
Me: ventane nenu oka thopu thosanu aaa happens vundhi chudu friends pranam poina parledhu ani dhengatam start chesanu thanu nannu gorulatho rakku thundhi vipulo naku inka mood perigi speed penchanu

Aunty: thanu yekuva mulagatam start chesindhi
Me: aaa time lo thanaki matalu kuda ravatm ledhu antha enjoy chesthundhi 10minutes dhengi naku vachesthundhi ani chepanu yendhuku ante too much excitement
Aunty: yemi parledhu intha kasta padi nannu suka pettavu ni kosam okka biddani kana lena anindhi.

Me: amataki na anandam ki hadhulu levu inko 3minuts chesi puku lone karchesanu alane thana paina panukoni meda midha mudhulu peduthunanu.
Aunty: yemi na bangaru ranku moguda puku ninda nimpesavu antu nanu gettiga hug chesukundhi. Inka idharu lesi wash room ki vellamu thane na moddani clean chesindhi
Me: bayataku vachi oka lip kiss ichi bye ani nenu vachesanu
Tharuvatha calls and bayata kalavatam mamuluga jaruguthundhi 3days tharuvatha
Aunty: call chesi 2days na waste mogudu vundadu shop kuda thiyanu nuvu nenu kothaga denginchukundhamu please yemi work pettukoku ani chepindhi
Me: naku full happy na home lo friend pelliki vellani ani cheppesanu yeppudepudu vasthunda aroju ani wait chesthunanu aroju rane vachindhi

Aunty name kani na name kuda cheppaledhu sorry friends alage fake names pettatam kuda istam ledhu yemi anukokandi ๐Ÿ™. Inkaa next thana gudha yela dhengano part 2 lo chepthanu. Naku sex feelings yekkuva yevaru ina ammai ledha aunty enjoy cheyali ante mail cheyandi we can plan some good time ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Friends miku nachina nachaka poina please comments cheyandi yemi ina mistakes vunte next storie lo cheyanu bye bye.

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